Helping  families recovering from drug and or alcohol addiction  get their lives back together one step at a time. 

Tonight Decemer 12, 2019, we were blessed to be part of John and Sarah Connally's sober journey. 
Thank you Leona Valley Sertoma for the toys for their 4 children. The baby is 3 months old and at Childrens hospital. He was born with down syndrome and recently had a G tube inserted. We received a generous donation of baby furniture, car seats and a stroller. We were also able to help with diapers and baby clothes. The Connally's are looking for an apartment for their family. Once they are settled in their apartment with their children BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund may be able to help with funds towards rent and Code 7 Ministries will help with food.
Thank you for your donations which allow us to help families on their road to recovery. God is good. 
If you would like to help send your donations through PayPal [email protected] or through our website
​August 12, 2019, We want to congratulate Nonie Able and her daughter Kaylee our newest recipient of the BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund Scholarship. We were able to provide a high chair, gift card, food from Code 7 Ministries and funds for rent payable other landlord. Congratulations we hope you can attend our fundraiser in April.
Today June 27, 2019, BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund was honored to be part of the Wallace families recovery. We were able to assist them with food, diapers, a stuffed Gigi dog for Mackenzie, and funds towards their rent. Christian graduated Tarzana treatment center a little over a year ago. He is going back to school to become a Youth services counselor. Rebecca will be completing her studies to be a social worker for DCFS. Thank you for allowing us to be of service. We hope you will join us at our next BBQ fundraiser in April 2020. Thank you your continued donations. Cherish Bolton our secretary with BBMS presented the check to Christian and Rebecca. Please continue to donate
In approximately 4 mos. the Wallace family will need to relocate. Please keep them in mind for rentals that come up to help their family continue on the next part of their journey.
Our first family Dalynn Oliver compled treatment December 25, 2018. We are  be honored to be part of their recovery. We provided toys donated by Leona Valley Sertoma for her two children, diapers and food from Code 7 Ministries.  Sorry we were unable to get a picture of our first family.
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Your donation goes to families who qualify for our assistance with housing expenses as well as clothes, diapers and toys for their children.
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